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In wildlife photography, don't be there for the sake of being there, be there to feel the nature. Be ONE with NATURE.  

8 essential wildlife photography tips 

A brief about me I started my wildlife photography journey in 2011-12. Since then, I have travelled to more than 80 places like Sattal, Ranthambhore, Jorbeed, Bharatpur, Andamans, and Himachal Pradesh, etc. Whenever I am unable to go outstation, I do bird photography in the surroundings of Delhi itself. 

After visiting so many places, I have earned a fair number of images as well as some recognizations. In this blog, I am sharing 8 Essential Wildlife Photography Tips for capturing creative images of birds and animals for those who are beginners in wildlife photography.

People usually ask me how to make creative images? What camera settings do I use? What are some basic tips & tricks of wildlife photography? Which is the best lens for wildlife photography? Below are some points which I follow. It is important to note that these are just my personal views.   

1. Know your camera 

2. Use a suitable lens 

Why use a telephoto lens? 

Why use a wide-angle lens? 

3. Play with the Shutter Speed 

4. Keep Patience‍ 

5. Shoot During Golden Hours 

6. Understand the behaviour of your Subject 

7. Get Down to the Eye Level 

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