The water gushes down from the mountains bringing along the lose soil with the force.

Each year, the monsoon transforms the western ghats landscape. The lifeline of so many rivers, each stream flowing down from all ridges of these mountains makes a sight to watch.

monsoon in western ghats

All the ghat section depends on this heavy rainfall for the paddy fields where the rice is cultivated.
The farmers work out in the field in the heaviest of rains sowing their paddy in this time.
The streams through forest give life to rocks where the moss and greens start appearing.
Bhandardara is a region of plenty of waterfalls where all this water flows down to be arrested in the dam finally.
Enchanting waterfalls all around the valleys in Northern western ghats

The forest streams.

Waterfall at Varhanda Ghat that connects Pune to the Konkan region.

Tamhini Ghats is one of the bio-diversity of hotspot that recieved this seasons highest rainfall.

Samyak Kaninde

Traveler and Nature Photographer