Foreground Magic! Portrait of Tiger through the the Foliage!

Some of my best images which has Natural elements at play!

natural elements at play!

Many consider bushes, branches of trees or any natural element for that matter as distraction if it is right in front of the subject. I won't say that I was any different. But that way of thinking has changed and now a days without even realizing, I am gravitated more towards making an image which has some natural element in the frame rather than a neat and clean image of the subject. 

 My creativity is to play with the natural elements in any season, any weather, whatever nature has on offer. In most of the cases, foliage has been my best ally where it has helped me to create interesting frames, that gives an opportunity for me to build curiosity among the viewers. It has also helped to soft the light, allowing me to play with it, which ignites the colors even more without applying any vibrance to my images. 

This approach has aided me in creating visually appealing images which has a story on its own. Without taking any more time of yours, here I present some of my best images which has Natural elements at play!

Mesmerizing eyes of Spotted Owlet.
Sitting majestically inside the bushes, staring right at me, gave me an idea to frame this portrait through the small window between the trees.
When I saw this tiger sitting inside, I decided to show it in its environment. This image also gives us an idea of how tigers spend most of their days in shade.
Monsoons have transformed the entire area into a green carpet which hid the master of camouflage!
Brown Fish Owl : Aqua Magic on a mystical morning!
Portrait of Indian Hare!
Indian Nightjar playing hide and seek in broad day light!
 The Stare! What I liked here is the light. Adjusting my angle, presented me a position from where the light was hitting only one side of the owl that gave me an opportunity to make this image and the expression that I got added the finishing touches. 
The way it looks, the way it hides, everything about it is just mesmerizing. Seeing them any where makes me speechless and admire the beauty of nature.
Piercing Orange eyes staring at us, Indian Eagle Owl waited in silence observing us, all the time in this lush green environment. Each time I see this beautiful bird, I am engulfed in its magical aura and my love for it doubles. 
Rock Bush Quail on top of a rock!

This style of thinking out of the box and using the natural elements has opened new doors for me in the art of composition and that is how I like to play with nature through my images. 

Naresh Iyer

Software Engineer

Software engineer by profession, Wildlife Photographer by passion.