Deciduous Forests

Spread across the massive landmass of Central, Deccan and Northern India – the deciduous forests of India are a key habitat in its rich and diverse ecosystem.

Home to the largest mammals and bursting with life, the deciduous forests make for some of the most picturesque locations in the country.

We are looking for images that can tell compelling stories of the landscapes and wildlife within these forests. Strong composition, creative use of the environment, and innovative shooting techniques are some of the key elements we will be focusing on.



Shivang Mehta

Shivang Mehta

Wildlife Photographer

Shivang Mehta is a former journalist and PR professional who left the comforts of the corporate office behind to become one of India’s leading natural history photographers. Shivang is also the founder of Nature Wanderers, an organisation which helps promote the culture of nature photography in India. He posts as @shivang.mehta on Instagram.