Deserts and Grasslands

Deserts and Grasslands are some of the most underrated ecosystems in the world. Maligned and exploited, they are the first to be labelled ‘wastelands.’

We are looking for images that not only bust this myth and change perceptions but also for images that have the ability to transport us into these landscapes and make us feel the threats they face.

Show us what life in the desert is like, whisk us away to the fascinating world of grasses, stun us with a view we may not have imagined before, but, above all, tell us a story.


Arati Kumar-Rao

Arati Kumar-Rao

Environmental Photographer and Writer

Arati Kumar-Rao is an independent environmental photographer and writer documenting effects of land use, river use and climate change on communities and ecosystems in South Asia. She posts as @aratikumarrao on Instagram and Twitter.