From the verdant forests of Kaziranga in the east to the lush vegetation of Wayanad in the south, India’s rainforests are teeming with wildlife which differs considerably from region to region.

With a range of subjects to document and showcase, the rainforests of India are every wildlife photographer’s dream.

We are not looking at just pretty pictures, but specifically at interesting perspectives on how these complex life forms co-exist in a rainforest and how throwing light on these life forms can be uniquely appealing.


Vijay Mohan Raj

Vijay Mohan Raj

IFS, Chief Conservator Of Forests

Vijay Mohan Raj works for the Karnataka Forest Department and is a passionate bird photographer. Vijay networks with individuals and organisations that make conservation click and also believes that everyone can play a part in conserving nature. He posts as @vijaymraj on Instagram and Twitter.