Rivers and Oceans

The most exceptional aspect of an underwater image is that fact that it is being shot in a different medium – a medium which bends light and alters the physics of the space one is attempting to capture.

Here, we look to piece together a visual journey that changes the pace of one’s insight and imagination and reveals the different worlds within the aquatic realm.

Keen observation and time spent immersed in and around water bodies enables the photographer to capture occurrences, nuances and behaviours that are unique to the medium,  its inhabitants and the water-scape as a system.


Tasneem Khan

Tasneem Khan

Biologist and Photographer

Tasneem Khan is a biologist, educator, photographer and a sailor with a fascination for the natural world. She has spent the last decade facilitating interdisciplinary initiatives in the fields of ecology, conservation, education, science communication and art. Tasneem also co-founded ‘EARTH CoLab’. She posts as @t.a.s.n.e.e.m.k.h.a.n on Instagram.